Our Approach

The Investrata Way

We believe that scaling socio-environmental impact requires a multi-pronged approach. The answers to many of our social and environmental challenges already exist in some form or another, somewhere in the world. And, that’s where we need to effectively ‘scale up and scale out what works’. But we also need to develop and incubate innovative new solutions to address some of our planet’s most pressing challenges.

We, at the foundation leverage the Integrated Impact Value Network Model and deploy an institutional approach in out mission to disruptively scale impact. This includes crafting comprehensive ecosystems to support and advance social entrepreneurship.

The Investrata Way v1 2

The ecosystem comprises of four crucial elements:

  • Platforms – Online and offline forums to share ideas and connect around socio-environmental themes
  • Incubators/Accelerators – Leading programs to quickly convert brilliant ideas into social ventures
  • Marketplaces – To showcase innovation, match solutions with needs and facilitate transactions
  • Funds – Patient capital to jump start, incubate and scale social enterprises

It also includes promoting an ethos of open innovation, collaboration and community while establishing a comprehensive program to tie it all together.


What are we working on right now?

As part of our own start-up efforts, we are assembling a set of platforms in line with our mission:


1. Impact Grid – Next-gen Impact Investing

Impact Grid is a project to harness the potential of blockchain and emerging technologies to design a transparent, secure and decentralized platform for impact investing.

Visit impactgrid.org for details


2. Investrata Impact Venture Fund One – Our maiden venture philanthropy growth fund

Our pilot fund will invest in social ecosystem startups and high-growth social enterprises. This will help construct a model portfolio, generate ongoing deal flow and help advance impact investing as a concept.


3. SocEnt Foundry – A business tooling hub and mentoring platform for social entrepreneurs

Via SocEnt Forge, we aim to identify, curate and share leading frameworks, best-in-class models as well as open source tools, templates and more; along with mentoring, to help socio-environmental entrepreneurs enhance operations, optimize efforts and thrive.


More to follow……. Do watch this space.


In the meantime, we’d also like to hear from you. If you have a query, suggestion, request or comment please contact us. You can use the contact form here or email us at info@investrata.org.