Investrata Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

Scaling socio-environmental impact

What are we working on?

Amplifying Socio-Environmental Impact

Designing entrepreneurial approaches and innovative solutions to address the planet’s most discerning challenges

Establishing platforms for change

Empowering startups, creating jobs, providing livelyhoods via sustainable social innovation

Leveraging emerging technologies to scale impact

Harnessing the potential of blockchain and emerging technologies to design a next-gen platform for Impact Investing

#SocEnt and #ImpInv with a difference

Enriching minds and transforming livelihoods for some of the worlds most vulnerable

The way we see it

Our vision. Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing re-imagined


Integrated Impact Value N/W

Best-in-Class models for socio-environmental change 


An Ecosystem Approach

An ethos of open innovation, collaboration and community


Transforming Impact Investing

Democratizing Impact Investing; the way it should be 

Impact Grid

Our next generation platform for impact investing; powered by Blockchain technology []

Open, Secure and Decentralized

Self-executing contractual states, stored on the blockchain, which nobody controls and therefore everyone can trust.

#ImpInv Marketplace

A distributed crowd investing and peer-to-peer lending marketplace for social enterprises and impact investors

Open Impact Exchange

A forum for open innovation – sharing ideas, exchanging IP and developing assets via peer-to-peer collaboration

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